Wine, Women, Warren & Skis

Arriving at Malibu, California early in the morning after World War 2, we find the Malibu line up perfect except for one thing. There is a crowd of 5 guys in the water. Both our heroes, WARREN MILLER and WARD BAKER, grew up surfing Malibu by themselves. They shrug their shoulders at the crowded waters and go in.
Sitting outside at first point between sets, our heroes talk about the “good old days” at Malibu and decide that is time to get away from the crowds. They consider learning to ski and decide to go to SUN VALLEY, IDAHO. Warren’s parents had given him a 1938 Buick convertible and Ward’s owned a tear drop trailer. Between the two of them they had eighteen dollars and a load of survival skills. They bet each other they could go to the snow and spend the winter there on eighteen dollars.
And it is probably a true story!!